Today, I decided to write a blog about our coming journey around the world, our pursuit of a simple life and our life in general.

I debated for a long time on the name we should use for this blog; at the end we went for the obvious: JASE Nomade

JASE stands for:

J= Jennifer my 10 years old daughter

A= Anja my 15 years old daughter

S= Serge my husband

E= Eulalie myself

Nomade (in French) is self explanatory, and you will understand later in coming blog posts why we are a nomad family.

The debate was because the S of Jase, Serge my husband will not be part of this adventure. We therefore thought it would not reflect the true nature of Jasenomade. But after lot of thinking, it did not matter as truth is: he is still part of our family.


I am Eulalie 40, call me Laly , self employed and a lover of all things ZUMBA.

Then we have Anja 15, call her Anjastazia (strange I know), GCSE student, lover of music, drama and dance. She plays guitar and Piano, she is a singer-song writer and a member of a theater group.

Finally;  Jennifer 10 call her JJ; she calls herself an artist and she is pretty good at it, she plays guitar and piano too (learning), she enjoys playing with everything that stain like mud, grass… she is an outdoor and outgoing person.

I am not a writer at all. I have a lot of story to tell, when I write them in my head they are always well written until I try to put these ideas on “paper”.

Nevertheless I think there is a place for all style of writing; so I am going to give blogging a go.

Stay tuned 🙂

By Jasenomade - The New Generation of Africans

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