How it all started!

I want more out of life like most people.

I live in the UK and unless you earn a six figure salary; all you do is surviving. All your salary go to pay bills and at the end of the month you have hardly anything left to enjoy life. All you do is work work and work some more.

Many people are not able to retire at the legal age, they have to continue working after retirement in order to make ends meet. I do not want this for myself or for my children.

Having an almost 16 years old made me want to take this trip even more; the reason being; soon she will be an adult and live her own life. I wanted to use the last 2 years before she turns 18 and goes to university to be meaningful. I felt like this was my last chance to try to teach her that there is more to life. I want to my daughters to know there is an array of possibilities out there.

Furthermore, I wanted them to learn about the “minimalism” concept; the concept of “less is more”. I do not want my kids to be caught up in a consumerism life style which goes hand to hand with burden and debt in my opinion. What better than show them.


When I told them my plan to travel around the world for 2 years, my youngest daughter who has my adventurous personality was straight away on-board and ready to jump that same day on a plane. My eldest was more reserved and concerned about her friends/life Рwhich is normal at that age. She takes more from her father; she is intelligent, very logical and so mature that it sometime cares me :). She, eventually came around and embraced the project.

Once everyone was on board; we went on sorting out everything we own and only kept the “essential”. This is when our “minimalism” journey started.

By Jasenomade - The New Generation of Africans

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