Do you have to be fit to go on a RTW trip?

By fit, I am not referring to weight but to general fitness level and this has nothing to do with how big or small one can be. This out of the way, lets dive into the subject.

I am what most people will call overweight; I am not talking about today standards where someone with a size 12 UK clothing (8 for US and 40 Euro) is considered fat; I refer to the “real world” women sizing.

I have been battling with my weight for as long as I can remember. But today, on the verge of taking the road for our big dream adventure; I am more worried about my fitness level in general than what the scale is telling me or my clothes size.

I do believe that I need to be fit to fully enjoy this trip. I want to be 100% comfortable with myself to be able to take on every challenge and opportunities that will come our way while traveling. I intend to do some light hiking and walk wherever possible and use very little transportation for our daily routine.

I will be traveling with 2 fit teenagers; therefore I need to be able to keep up with them and to enjoy the trip at the same pace.

Unfortunately, danger is always lurking anywhere in the world, but being in foreign countries where you don’t know the neighborhood and your surrounded well means you have to be more vigilant; being fit can help me to be more safe abroad. You have to be able to run for life right!


To help me fulfill my optimum fitness level before the trip; I go to the gym minimum 3 times per week doing mainly Zumba. I started Zumba 11 months ago and have not stopped since: I am addicted and it helped me drop 3 sizes already. It is important to do a “sport” you enjoy; a Zumba session does not feel like exercising it is more like a party. Their slogan “Ditch the Workout, Join the Party” really live up to it reputation.

I am also working on getting my family to eat more healthy. More fruits and vegetables, less junk food; more vegetarian dishes, less meat. We are getting there but we really need to make more effort and by we I should say I; I am the parent after all. I would love to volunteer in an organic farm abroad during our trip, I am not sure how feasible it is for families but I will send some requests closer to our departure date; you never know. Such an experience will be a fantastic learning opportunity for all of us. We would be able to experience healthy and sustainable living.

Off to Zumba 🙂

By Jasenomade - The New Generation of Africans

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