This week end the three of us went on a week end in Paris for my youngest daughter Jennifer (JJ) birthday, she turned 11 on the 6th of December.

JJ is a fan of Asterix and Obelix comic books she has a small collection. We were meant to go to  Asterix and Obelix attraction parc in Paris on her 10th birthday last year but it did not happen. So I planned this trip for a year.

The night before we were very exited to be on the road the next day for this mini trip. My daughters had planned which attractions they will go on etc… everyone was happy. I had even managed to book a hotel only 3mins from the parc; HOORAY.

Just before I went to bed, my phone rang, it was my friend Isa who called to wish us a safe trip. While we were talking, she says something that caught my mind, I started panicking, did I or did I not check the opeening of the parc! some attraction parcs close during the winter months… oh dear panic; I tell her that I need to go to check the parc opening times… rush to the parc website; go on the parc opening times. OMG, the parc closed on the 3rd of November and we were the 5th of December… ARGH I did it again! NO NO NO; we are living the next day, the ferry, the hotel, everything has been paid for; too late to cancel the trip. Oh NO, I have to tell my daughters about their mother’s blond moment. I am lucky to have 2 very lovely and understanding children; although my youngest so wanted to go to the “Parc Asterix”; she was not too disappointed and we decide that we will still go to Paris and have a great time; there are so much to see there anyway.



So we did. Instead of the parc, we went to visit “Le Musee Grevin” equivalent to Madame Tussauds in the UK. After the musee we went around Paris, to see the Eiffel Tour, we ‘ve been there thousands of time, but it never get old. We finished the day with a walk on the “champs Elysees” which is very beautiful at the period of the year with the Christmas market full of goodies and lovely things to eat. The smell of crepes, waffles, sausages, candy floss… is an invitation to buy and indulge ourselves; no one can resist, we bought 1 strawberry waffle, 1 waffle with sugar and 1 chocolate crepe… delicious. Image

If you are in Paris during the month of December, make sure go take a walk on the Champs Elysees, it is amazing, the whole avenue is full of stalls selling all sort of things, street food, arts, entertainment; we saw a great show: street dancers who would have a shot at Britain got talent; they were that good.


One advice, take the metro instead of driving. We stayed stranded for 3 hours in traffic and made it to the hotel after midnight. But despite this little inconvenience, we had a fabulous time.

We are now due to go to the “Parc Asterix” in April when they re-open; I already checked the opening times :).

This mini trip gave us an insight of what it will be like when we will take that big trip around the world. We only traveled with 1 small backpack and just the clothes we had on us plus a 2 extra t-shirts and panties; although we did many of these short trips before; this time I paid attention of small details. I now understand the importance of travel clothing; if that was our RTW trip, we would have to wash our clothes in the sink in order to have clean clothes for the next days; the clothes we had were not made of quick drying material; I think it is important to take at least a few quick dry clothes for convenience.

Budget is another thing that scared me, we spent around £500 on a week end in Paris; £500 is enough to spend a month in some places in South East Asia. I will need to be very careful once on the RTW if we don’t want to find ourselves out of money half way through the trip. Children can be very demanding and might not understand budgeting; I need to have a proper talk with my two daughters.

After this little mishap, I need to make sure I plan our RTW trip well to avoid finding ourselves in a plane for Alaska instead of India :); although than can only had to the adventure right!


By Jasenomade - The New Generation of Africans

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