It has been exactly one month and 5 days since I decided to challenge myself to a healthy lifestyle. So far so good.

After the raw challenge, I kept some good habits, I am now having smoothies including green smoothies From Monday to Friday for Breakfast, and the week end, I have Granola, Porridge or Cereals, dried fruits and nuts with  soy milk.

I have been able to fight cravings this way. And it has been a few weeks now that I do not have any cravings at all. The reason being, my need for sugary food which is my downfall is met by having a lot of fruits during the day; therefore I do not feel the need to have a bar of sneakers or bounty. Now if I fancy a bar, I bought “Fruit Slices” from Aldi, they are 55cal per biscuit; I usually have the pack of 3 which is 165 calories for a snack… It satisfies me and it is totally guilt free which is a plus and new to me.

The other change in my life is that I only eat vegan since the 1st of January. I do not miss meat, dairy or eggs at all; there are so many alternatives. And doing so, I have discovered so many different foods I would have never tried before.

Eating this way forces me to explore and eat more variety of food than ever; I eat way more fruits and vegetables than I ever did in my life and it is a pleasure. Eating vegan does a lot of good for my digestive system, no more bloatiness or heart burns. I feel light and generally more energetic.


 I drink a lot more water and I exercise 6 days a week now.

Life feels good on that platform of my life, I feel empowered, I feel great and I feel with that mind-set I can achieve anything.

Life can be hard on us, life will beat us down and crush us time and time again; even when we think we have seen it all; life always surprises us. There is nothing we can do to predict all outcome of life but we can choose how we deal and react to it. We can let it define us and pity ourselves or we can decide to fight back, keep our chin up and smile…

If we look closely, no matter what the situation is, there is always something we can be thankful for and this is where our focus needs to be.




By Jasenomade - The New Generation of Africans

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