Happy New Year 2015!

Hello Everyone,

I forgot I had created this blog… too many hats…. so difficult to keep up with everything…. happy I found it again; so I decided to write a little update.

Well the Round the world trip never happen and will not happen for anytime soon; this is what happen when compromises come into place… instead, my daughters and I moved from England to Dubai end of August to join my husband.

Although being an expat is nothing like being a traveler; it is still a consolation prize πŸ™‚

Dubai is a lively place, settling slowly here.

No plan to move anywhere for the next 2 years until my eldest finishes her A Level and off go to university πŸ™‚ (evil smile).

Meanwhile, my 2015 travelling goals are:

Go to Thailand

Go to Bahrain (visit family… Hey Raeda πŸ™‚ )

Go to Gabon (see family and take care of some businesses)

Go to England for a much needed overdose of the best Zumba class in the entire world (trust me), and of course see friends and family there (Hey Eiman, Isa & Manu).

I am also hoping that my husband would have a fabulous idea and organise a trip to remember for our 17 Years wedding anniversary πŸ™‚ – The last time weΒ took a trip for our anniversary was for our 1 year anniversary to Greece… Bora Bora is long overdue –Β 7 years now… we were suppose to go there for our 10 years… hmmm

I’ve got a friend living in Qatar and I am hoping to invite myself for a week end :).

Well, this is it…

No new resolutions for 2015 but some goals.

Continuing on my spirituality, simplicity and minimalist journey.

I started Yoga a few months ago and I am loving it.

I wish you the very best for 2015.



By Jasenomade - The New Generation of Africans

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