Self language learning or immersion !

My first language is French, I write the blog in English because English is the “common” language now days but I love the Spanish language ever since I can remember, my plans during the RTW trip was to spend at least 1 year in Spanish Speaking countries to pick the language quickly through full immersion…

As our plans have changed, I am writing the blog sitting in my lounge in Dubai, no chance here to immerse myself into the Spanish language instead Arabic would be a good idea but I leave that to my youngest daughter for whom it is compulsory to learn Arabic at school.

So is it possible to learn a language fluently without a full immersion into a country where the language is spoken!

Until now, everything I read and my own believes were that the best way to learn was to live in a country of the language of your chance; but this not being an option right now, I have a find another way to learn it.

Home school working

Today, it is not necessary to attend a language course to learn a language or to learn anything. With internet being a mine of infinite possibilities; anyone can self taught him/herself anything they want to learn.

So my goal this year is to build up significantly my Spanish skills; not because I am planning to visit anytime soon and country speaking Spanish but simply because I love this language and want to be fluent at it.

Being a French speaker; I have an advantage as there are lots of similarities in French and Spanish. Having played with the Spanish language for over 10 years now with several attempt at learning the language through college etc… the Spanish language is not a new project for me…

I can actually understand/guess a lot when listening to Spanish on the television (News), I can introduce myself and my family but really basically. I would like to pass that stage to the next level where I could have a simple conversation with a native Spanish speaker.

So how do I go about doing it:

  1. I set myself a 1 hr minimum Spanish interaction every day through any means available and possible from listening to the news in Spanish or actively doing some exercises through YouTube or an online free learning website.
  2. I learn 5 words a day that I repeat over and over in a sentence to remember it easily
  3. I take it easy and as casual as possible, I do not force myself but let the language and learning flow through me… meaning if I am not into learning, I simply put the news in Spanish or put a YouTube video on the background (passive learning).

Adios 🙂

By Jasenomade - The New Generation of Africans

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