A new turn, next destination ?

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Well, Dubai would have been the shortest expatriation we ever experienced; less than a year but eh life happen.

We had plan to have Dubai as our base and just travel around on holidays; but my husband suddenly lost his job in Dubai; which flipped everything around…

We were not too disappointed as living in Dubai was nothing new to us, as we lived previously in the Middle East; it was Déjà vu.

My husband then found a short contract back home in the UK and in the city our house is… funny… I wonder if life is trying to tell us something.

Anyway back to the subject; so we found ourselves faced with a decision to take, stay in Dubai, try to found another job so another sponsor or leave… we waited 3/4 months, no tangible offers arrived, our residency visas/cards being cancelled… we had 2 options; 1. leave Dubai or 2.keep doing visa run every month… Plus the cost of the house we live in is just ridiculously pricey but yeah it is Dubai right! After careful consideration; we decided to leave…

So now the big question was: where to?

England: NO, too much taxes, it is home to us yes definitely, family, friends, all we know for the last 13 years but, we can always go back if nothing else works; but living paycheck to paycheck was not an alternative for us anymore, plus loosing my husband income tax free advantage in Dubai meant that we couldn’t anymore support our business in Cameroon.

SO…. Where to go next?

To Yaounde Kamerun Stadtansicht

One evening, my husband and I were talking, and we were like, what if? how about? maybe we could?…. Return to Source?

Mother Earth… AFRICA… Cameroon, Yaounde exactly… YES but…

My husband is originally from there and has family and his mother living there now; we have been on holidays several times but to live there was a whole new adventure… We lived the last 30 years+ in Europe mainly so going back “home” was frightening… why? we will discuss that in a whole new post.

I was as excited as stressed, overwhelmed at the same time…

I am always up to a new adventure, but this time it was different; it will be the biggest challenge/adventure ever.

I like Yaounde, but it can be so stressful and overpowering. We will be living with my In-Laws… should I say more! Let me explain, any tourists going on holidays in Africa or specifically Cameroon can just enjoy all the wonders that the place has to offer; but us, it is a whole other story, same way as us going to Paris every year has nothing glamorous, it is just going back home to visit family, it is a duty, very tiring, obligations etc… This is how Yaounde feels…

But on a high note, I am already thrilled about all the huge variety of local organic fruits and vegetables I will be able to eat everyday. Vegans heaven 🙂

More in a new post… stay tune 🙂


By Jasenomade - The New Generation of Africans

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