My first hand made D.I.Y

I am so excited and proud of my work that I could not wait to write this post. It is 04:23 am right now, I was so motivated that I had to finish this project.

For my first D.I.Y project I choose something simple.

I have several dresses that are too short and I can only wear them with leggings; but I live in Dubai and right now it is about 40 degree Celsius so you can imagine my frustration. I was about to give them all to charity and buy new dresses but then decided to be creative and save some money. With the help of Pinterest, YouTube tutorial and blogs; I refashion them by adding some length.

I transformed 2 dresses, they are the same but different pattern. I do not own a sewing machine, Yet… so I did them by hands, it took me hours as you can imagine; but it was well worth it.

Before pictures:


These dresses were about the size of a tunic on me, I only wore them at home.

After pictures


Both dresses had an underskirt I cut out to lengthen the dresses and make the sleeves longer too.

20150523_031023This is were I cut off the underskirt.

I also change the length of the sleeves as I don’t like wearing short sleeves. Here how I modified them:

20150523_03161020150523_031549They are both cut out shoulders and open sleeves; better to keep me cool during the summer 🙂

I am very proud of myself, and without a sewing machine it is really tedious but I am happy I finished them.

I will take them for my trip to Bangkok Thailand next week. With the transformation I made, they are now knee length.

If you are tall like me 5’9 or above; this is an easy way for you to alter your dresses/skirts to fit you.

I requested a sewing machine to my hubby and daughters for my birthday next month; so I hope to be able to share a new D.I.Y soon.

Until my next D.I.Y, happy sewing 🙂

By Jasenomade - The New Generation of Africans

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