Day 1 – Bangkok/Thailand…

For our first day visit in Bnagkok, we took it easy:

Simple day to ease up into Bangkok, we visited the MBK centre and the art and culture centre.

MBK centre is a shopping centre/mall, it is has eight stories floors and about 2,000 shops, restaurants and service outlets. The difference compared to the malls in Europe/US or Middle East is that inside the mall it is actually more like a very well organised market, each vendors have small to meduim street stall style shops.

20150531_120430 mbk4mbk

We took the metro on our way back and we were amazed to see people queuing to enter the metro with one centre line for people to come out. No pushing…

20150603_10192520150603_103653 20150603_161921 20150603_161818

The Art and Culture centre was a great escape from the heat outside, more quiet and relaxing.

I was pleased to see my teens daughters so interested and into it.

Out of the 3 galleries which were on different flours, we were allowed to take photos of 2 of them.

11329832_10152806303441205_4238637290496228137_n 11392776_10152806301301205_6605539279728821470_n 11159947_10152806301991205_1948499553023882376_n 10984233_10152806301611205_3427172915174929126_n 11391765_10152806303706205_2001959457620263256_n 11295922_10152806303806205_5680516834326453064_n10383041_10152806305381205_8367948191641152677_n

On our way back, we couldn’t find our hotel out of the metro so took a “tuktuk”: an experience…


Did not dare street food yet.

See you tomorrow 🙂

By Jasenomade - The New Generation of Africans

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