Life in Yaoundé

I have been living in Cameroon Yaoundé since August 2015 – about 8 months now.


Discovered a passion for clouds lately 🙂

I wrote several posts about our life and experiences here but decided not to publish them…

WHY, well, my goal is to portray the GOOD about life in Central Africa; A lot is already said about, poverty, corruption, lack of infrastructures, Medical services, the WEIGHT of the African family etc… In my opinion, not enough is written about the positive side…

Until now, the only people I directly interacted with were my family in law and my employees; I have not been able yet to really meet enough new people and make friends; so, I feel like my opinion might be bias and would not fully reflect how it is to live here as all I do at moment is work/home.


View of my plantation

I am having a hard time adjusting to life here, and this has nothing to do with the country itself, I “like” the city of Yaoundé; I am talking about the people, the mentality. You might think but you are originally  from Central Africa; yes but I left as a child and lived over 30 years abroad, the transition back to my roots is really hard. I have lived in different places and even continents like the Middle East where the culture is completely different; but living here is a whole new dimension that takes time and a LOT OF PATIENCE to adapt to.

I would like to say I like living here; it is not true yet, but I am working at it. I found a Zumba Class I love already; so that’s a + (plus); I met a group of ladies I had the pleasure to spend some time with and hope this will grow into some friendship… I also joined a gym I quite enjoy; so slowly, life is taking place…. and I am sure it will just get easier and better once I start having a social life.


I love watching a “fire”, so beautiful…

The things I don’t miss about the western world are: receiving all kinds of letters through the mail box, life at 100 miles/h…

What I miss here in Cameroon are the infinite options you have when you leave your home… Malls, parks, cinemas, libraries, real supermarket (Tesco/Carrefour), ordering Domino’s Pizza :), etc…

You have to be very creative to have fun in Yaoundé, as I am not at all into night life; my options are very limited.

I am discovering the city little by little. I am sure there is a lot more I still don’t know about the place.


Food: organic fruits and vegetables are available at all seasons and the variety is just amazing.

What else, the weather! I guess, 20+ degrees all year around can’t be bad :).

First impression of Bangkok…

Before I start talking about my impression of Bangkok; lets rewind a little and lets talk about the packing list.

Since I shared my packing list on the previous post, I changed a lot of things. To start with, I travelled with the small luggage rather than the backpack… The main reason was that it was more convenient and I could pack more things in this (i.e some Food). The 2nd and certainly true reason was that travelling with a backpack was more an old dream I could not part with… the dream of when I was 18 and wanted to travel the world with a backpack like a true traveler 🙂 – that dream never left me, now in my VERY early 40 (notice the stress on early, part of me still wanted  to be a backpacker for some strange reasons; not that you cannot be a backpacker at any age… now that I wrote the previous post, packed all my items in the backpack, I feel accomplished, I feel like I can now let go of the backpacker dream. It does not mean that I will never travel with a backpack but at least, it won’t be for the wrong reasons…

1432989603307(1)Back to the beautiful city of Bangkok. First impression was WOW… never been to that part of the world, I had no expectations about this city, I always heard how it is a poor country…

I was pleasantly surprised by how this city is beautifully made, the airport alone is a monument.

The people are so respectful, friendly and so nice.

Their taxi system from the airport is excellent, there is a queue, everyone gets a ticket with the driver’s name and the lane number. Never seen anything so organised elsewhere.

The other cute thing is the number of bright coloured taxis, we got a pink one, I was so excited until…. the taxi driver came out, very rude, called me names, drove like a mad man almost getting into an accident… did not want to see the name of the hotel I was showing him… did a hand gesture… like I know… we were not sure we will arrive… I had to threaten him to call the police on him if he did not calm down… he was angrily talking and moving all over the place until we reached our hotel, I think he was a bit coucou in the head… we gave him whatever money he asked for… we were all shocked, took our belongings and headed into the hotel.

20150530_202010 20150530_202118 images

We were nicely greeted by the staff, given the key of our room…


Once in, everything was just right and soothing; in no time, we had forgotten the bad experience with the driver.

It was already 10 pm by the time we arrived; so jumped into the nice shower, PJs and bed.

Overall, a positive first impression… there are bad apples everywhere.